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Straight from Gensokyo, your favorite Touhou girls are here! This is set 1 featuring Reimu, Marisa, Cirno, Remillia, Flandre and Sakuya! Available in both Large and small sizes! Decorate your car, water bottle or PC with your favorite Gensokyo girl! 
Disclaimer: This is fan merch!


Reimu: LG: 5x4in | Sml: 3x2.5in
Marisa: LG: 4.5x3.5in | Sml: 3x2in

Cirno: LG: 5.5x3in | Sml: 3.5x2in

Remillia: LG: 6x3.5in | Sml: 3.5x2in

Flandre: LG: 6x3.5in / Sml: 3.5x2in

Sakuya: LG: 4.5x3.5in/ Sml: 2.5x2in


Made out of Vinyl

Fade Resistant, UV and Weather Proof


Touhou Peeker Sticker Set 1

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