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The Artist Alley Ally!

We are Axolotta Stickers:

a vinyl sticker manufacture!

Tired of ordering more stickers than you need? Or are you adding stickers to your convention inventory for the first time?

Consider hiring us at Axolotta Stickers to help your convention experience run much smoother!


Axolotta Stickers started out as a couple of artists who just wanted to print their own stickers. We were really unhappy with some of the customer services we had with previous manufacturers. So instead of investing our money into more orders, we decided to invest in our own equipment!

We started making our own stickers for conventions and started to offer our services to local artists who needed stickers for their own conventions. From here we decided we wanted to support all the local artists in our area and provide them with the best services we could. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far!

cutting machint cutting out some stickers

Sticker Printing Services

Here at Axolotta Stickers, we offer custom-cut vinyl stickers. Our stickers are printed with eco-sol ink and laminated to be weather, water, and UV resistant. We strive to ensure the highest quality of our materials and facilities.  Most orders are completed and shipped within 14 business days!


Kisscut and Diecut Stickers

Our kiss cut stickers are available in Glossy, Matte, or Semi-Gloss laminates. 


Sticker Sheets

Our Custom Sticker Sheets are a great way to showcase several designs while having each one peelable from the sheet!

yoku stelle.png

Transfer Stickers 

These kiss cut stickers come cut and weeded with a clear transfer tape to easily apply your sticker to a surface.


Custom Vinyl Panel Wraps

Tired of having the same color displays as everyone else? Want to stand out and have some custom branding? We can make some custom wraps for your panels!

Meet your Allys!

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